Dating After Divorce: An Indecent, Freaky Or Attractive Proposition?

Submitted by Delaine

submissive man cleaningSo a woman I know received a proposition this week from a man online.  We’re still trying to figure out if we think it’s indecent.  Is it different?  Yes.  Freaky?  Borderline.  Is she considering it?  Hmmmm…kind of.

First I should mention, she’s met him in person already.  He apparently seemed totally normal.  He even seemed smart and kinda funny.  “What did he look like?” You ask.  Well, let’s just say my friend is smiling.

Here’s the catch.  This large, attractive, intelligent man has an unusual desire: he wants to be her domestic – as in down on his hands and knees, cleaning her toilets and floors and whatever else she wants him to do.  Oh – and he wants to do it for free, whenever she wants, wearing whatever she wants him to wear.  And it’s totally up to her whether she wants to watch him do it, take a nap, talk on the phone, or do whatever, as he scrubs away.

Now I’ve heard of men who enjoy being submissive to women.  (I said ‘heard’, not ‘gone out with.’ ) And I understand that submissiveness can involve a variety of tasks and roles.  And once my friend  got over the initial shock of his offer, her practical side switched into high gear:  she could REALLY use some help with the cleaning when the kids are in school!

He asked:  “Are you sure you won’t feel guilty?  Cause I think most women would feel guilty having a man do the housework for them.  I don’t want you feel indebted to me.  You have to believe that me cleaning your toilets is my role.”

Hmmm.  “I see,” she responded.

“That’s really important to me,”  he said again.  “You can not feel guilty for making me clean your house.  Even if I don’t enjoy it, you’re the boss.  If I don’t do it good enough, you’re entitled to make me redo it until it’s up to your standards.  The terms are yours to decide.”

“I see,”  she said again.  “Hmmmm.”  Then:  “You know, I really don’t think I’d have an issue with it.  If being a domestic is what you need to do to feel good then who am I to judge?”

“I will please you however you want, Ma’am.”

“ANY way I want?” She asked with a smile.

“You’re the boss Ma’am.”

So what do you think?  Do you think she’s crazy to even consider this proposition?  Or would she be crazy NOT to accept?  Would you feel too guilty to even entertain the idea?


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    Dayam Girl, what the hell are you waiting for??? Tell him to start with cleaning the tub and prepping it for a nice warm bubble bath and then you can sip some wine and enjoy some chocolates and a good book while he scrubs the rest of the house! When he’s done, send him my way! hahahaha

    OK, now that naughty me has voiced her opinion…I totally understand that this is a bit freaky. While it sounds great in theory, I think your answer will have to depend on how well you know this guy. You sure don’t want a permanent puppy dog running around begging to serve (I KNOW it sounds good, but it would get old after a while) and you sure don’t want a pyscho stalking you, but if this is a normal guy with a slightly odd fantasy/fetish??? Sounds interesting! :)

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    Is cleaning all he wants to do? I can’t tell you what to do but I’d take him up on it.

    I could use someone once a week to do some cleaning and no way would I turn down the opportunity to get what I want free of charge.

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    Jane Clarke says

    accepting help around the house isn’t the crazy part…it seems a bit more like a fetish to me…and i’m not really the fetish pleasing type. And i’d be curious to know how this translates to other parts of the relationship. Is this something that goes on in an allotted period of time, or does he want you to boss him around all the time with various cleaning duties?

    Personally, i’m not sure i would have taken him seriously, and i probably would laugh all the way through watching him clean my toilet, but i think it would get odd after a while. I prefer a relationship with mutual respect and expectations of partnership…not really one where i tell anyone what to do…even if he likes it. just seems weird to me. weeeeeiiiiiirrrrrrd!

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    Wendy says


    I would so like have him scrub my floor…giggle……..

    However I think I know what you mean, I’ve also had a proposition like that before and I was totally taken aback…..I was like…dude are you serious?? And then I thought about it and went like….can’t be……and he was like dead serious!!

    I’ll say if he cleans good then why shouldnt you enjoy someone doing some work around the house. That way you can take a nap, read a book, do your nails. The possibilities are endless!! :)

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    richie says

    Some help around the house would always be nice. I have some female friends who will come over to help me out when they know I need some help or I swallow my pride to ask. But if one of those female friends wanted me to boss them around, clean the whole house and I did nothing but lay back and take shots of Crown……I would be creeped out and she would not step foot back through that door. I would not be able to do it. I am also more into the mutual respect. Will you fold this load of clothes while I start another load and finish the dishes? To me that’s how it should be. Especially if you come to my house to help. That’s what is should be HELP.

    He definitely has some kind of strange fetish like Jane said. You really gotta ask your if you are one please someones fetish while all you really get from it is a clean toilet and a mopped kitchen floor.

    Then again he may just want some alone time with you and figured you could use some help around the house. You can have the same convo to get to know someone better helping (not doing) clean house as you could sitting across from a table at a coffee shop. It’s the whole bossing around thing that gets me. It’s hard for me to go for the “I have power over you” or “Your wish is my command” thing. But to each his/her own.

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    pegasus says

    I’m with Ritchie and Jane on this one. Running a household is a team effort, not a subserviant relationship. Clearly, this guys interest is on the fetishy side of things and if he wants to spend quality time with the porcelain and you’re okay with it, go for it! The only thing I would be uncomfortable with is if the guy is really into you and is being led along by his…”fetish”. In other words, I don’t think it’s cool if you’re just using him to get the house spiffed up if he’s thinking theres more to it. I personally would set the ground rules on where things stand up front to avoid hurt feelings or a misunderstanding.

    I don’t think having fetish tendencies automatically makes someone a freak or an aspiring axe murderer. If both parties are willing participants AND the fetish compliments the relationship as opposed to becoming the basis for it, then have at it.

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    Rona says

    Speaking as one that is “in” that lifestyle… He simiply has a need to serve. THAT’s where he derives his satisfaction/gratification.

    Submissives and moreover “slaves” have an inate desire to “serve”. They (we) are hardwired to be this way.

    To be honest, I am a “collared slave”. I know this is the exact thing that everyone posting here has tried to avoid like the plague. Does this make me a weak woman, no. Does this mean I have no “sense of self”, no. It merely means that I derive my pleasure in the exchange of power. In my own personal case, I freely give all the power to my Master. I’m never treated as less of a person. It means that He does listen to me if I have something to say, and then He has the final word. Obviously, the decisions don’t always go the way that I would choose, If I were alone. But in the end, what makes Him happy, makes me happy.

    And before anyone goes off the deep end about “rights” and such. I, ME, MYSELF, made my choice freely. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.

    I’ve lived life on the other side of the fence. Most of my friends and family only see the “me” that life shoved onto me. They see the “fixer”, the mom, the wife, the woman that runs the house like Army Boot Camp, and Lord help you if you get in her way or cross purposes with her.

    But after half a century, I became extremely tired of how my life was going, tired of the rut, tired of living the life that everyone else thought should be mine… and I set out to find who I really was, and what it took to make me truely happy.

    I’m there.

  8. 11


    Rona, no one is going to go off the deep end. We are all adults and understand the right to choose.

    If you are happy and no one is being physically harmed then I saw more power to you.

    I’m glad you are finally “there.”


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