Escaping Divorce With “Edward”

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Submitted by Delaine

Since separating almost three years ago, my leisurely reading has been very limited and very serious. We’re talking non-fiction and self-help only.   This was for a couple of reasons.  First,  the idea of anything make-believe or romantic repulsed me (I guess experiencing infidelity can have that effect).  Secondly, I had work to do – not only in terms of piecing me and my life back together, but in terms of rising into the role of single mom of three kids AND my new career as an author.  Truly, I felt like Delaine-The-Avid-Reader, who I’d been since I was a teenager, was gone.

But all that changed recently…yessiree, it did.  And you can laugh or roll your eyes if you want, but it was all because a friend of mine gifted me Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga Series: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  That’s right – this pushing-forty, no-time-for make-believe divorcee got hooked and swallowed by characters and a storyline geared at ‘young adults’.

Now immediately I have to mention that I KNOW I’m not the only woman in my age group to catch the “Twilight Saga Fever.”  Four of my other mom-friends were consumed by it before it hit me; I kept hearing mini-swoonings about this ‘Edward character’ – how badly he craves Bella, how he looks at her in THAT way, how the mere smell of her totally undoes him…  And I’d thought, “What the hell?  He’s a vampire ladies. AND he’s young enough to be your son!”

But damn…as soon as I met him myself, I snuggled in for as  long as possible.  And I can’t help but laugh – for it appears I needed a 17-year-old vampire instead of a White Knight to revive my romance-dead imagination.

Oh, it wasn’t just Edward that had me devouring each 600-plus-page book like a food-starved prisoner at a buffet.  The plotline had so many arches and twists that I often sat there shocked that my predictions were way off.  Cause so many books are just so…predictable, don’t you think?  There again, maybe it’s cause stories about vampires and werewolves have never been my first pick.  Heck, the only other vampire book I’ve even read is Interview With A Vampire.  Ah, but perhaps the time has come for that to change. *grin.

So if any of you are looking for an entertaining and EASY read (Meyer’s writing isn’t decorative or heavy), or, if perhaps you just want to escape from the insanity of your life right now, I’d recommend this series with a great big gushy smile.  And as for what you might think of Edward well…let’s just say the inside of your closet door makes a great place for Edward’s (Robert Pattison’s) poster.

Delaine –

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    kegs says

    Just like you , it took me a while to catch on to the Twilight series and Yes i am wishing i could start Life again and love differently. For once, and i want to have no control about my emotion just love unconditionally and most importantly be loved back.I am hooked………so hooked. It does take your mind off things. For now it is my prozac.

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