Divorced Women Online…Good for You Sandra Bullock!

Submitted by: Cathy

SandraBullockDivorcedWomenOnlineI often tell women who are going through a divorce; especially one that causes the pain Sandra Bullock is experiencing to distract themselves by staying busy.

What better distraction could there be than a 3-month-old named Louis? I’m thinking Sandra Bullock is going to be way better off with a little baby than a big baby. I can’t think of a better replacement for Jessie James than Louis Bardo Bullock?

I remember holding my boys when they were newborns. It was soothing, all seemed right with the world. Imagine the comfort and self-soothing effect Louis will have on Sandra during this sad time in her life.

Sandra has a lot of love to give, plenty of time on her hands and a hell of a lot more resources than most single mothers. Some will say that a new baby while going through a divorce is added stress during an already stressful time.

I would disagree. While going through my own divorce, my children saved my sanity. Having to focus on them and consider their needs distracted me from my own problems.

Her response in this week’s interview with people magazine when asked about Jesse James and the Nazi photo tells me that Sandra may have made a bad choice in whom to marry….”The photo shocked me and made me sad,” Bullock tells People. “This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.”  But she didn’t make a bad choice in deciding to become a single mom.

I love this! This is a woman who is afraid, sad and mothering a new baby on her own. Her self-esteem is high enough though that she is willing to face her fears alone rather than allow a “boatload of other things” in her life.

Sandra Bullock is better off financially that most of us single mothers but she has something we all can have that will get her through a hard time, she has backbone and convictions.

That is all any single mother needs when facing whatever life throws her way. Sandra and Louis, they are going to be just fine.

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    Niki says

    I was 7 months pregnant when my husband left me for someone else. My baby girl saved my life. I had to take care of her. I didn’t have any choice. That meant I had to take care of me to.

    I think Sandra Bullock will be OK to. I just wish I had all her money. Boy life would be a lot easier.

  2. 2


    I applaud Sandra Bullock for taking a child into her life to love at this time. Talk about a win-win, in the face of adversity.

    And thank you for talking about this facet of the Bullock story, rather than the endless rehashing of her situation. Divorce is difficult enough, without the harsh light of the public eye. And while some may say that anyone in public life should expect no privacy, I disagree. We should leave the innocent to grieve, to process, and to go on as they need to.

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    Carrie says

    Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favorites. She doesn’t party, share her political views too much, and leads as much as a private life as she can. I think she has shown poise during this time which increases my respect for her. I don’t necessarily agree that this is a good time to adopt a child for anyone regardless of financial status. I can’t count the days I had to pretend “Mommy is ok” for my son and it was really difficult sometimes. I guess the plus side is that Jesse James is not part of the adoption so she doesn’t have to share custody and deal with that which is added stress.

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