5 Sure-Fire Signs You Should Kick Him to the Curb

Submitted by: Vanessa Jones

Sure, every relationship is going to experience the joys of good days and the annoyance of bad days. It’s when you start experiencing too many bad days and forget what it was like to be happy, that you start to think that it may be time to take another look your relationship.

While breaking up is hardly easy, if you find yourself thinking about it more often than not, it’s probably time to end it with what you thought was Mr. Right. Holding on to a relationship can be harmful to both parties, and will only become worse with time. Here are some signs to let you know it’s probably time to kick him to the curb:

  1. You’re Not on the Same Page: It’s possible that the two of you are seeing things on a different level and don’t want the same things anymore. This is something that definitely needs to be shared and talked through. Pick a good time and place to talk and be completely honest. If the relationship is becoming serious, and you don’t have the same goals in life, or your partner treats the relationship casual, while you feel it is going to something more serious, it is best to cut ties.
  2. Constantly Pulling the Disappearing Act: If you spend more time alone or with your friends than you do with him, it may be a sign that things are going south quick. If he is constantly jumping into the next room to check or answer the phone, it may be a sign the relationship is over. The same applies for email, texts, and him finding the need to be top secret with his or her life. If he would rather spend his time with friends and other people on a regular basis, you need to end things. There will obviously be times when he has other plans or has something else going on, but if you constantly find yourself hanging out alone, and sad and lonely about it, it is just not worth your pain to hold on- send him packing.
  3. You’re Unhappy: You should always take your feelings and instincts to heart. If you are unhappy and your partner does not show the least bit interest in your feelings, then that he is simply not worth your time. Being in a relationship means that the two of you are supposed to be a team, communicate with each other, and make each other happy. If you feel your unhappiness is being caused by him, then it is probably a sign that you need to continue on without this person in your life.
  4. That Feeling is Gone: There will be days when one or both of you is having a bad day and things may seem a little off, that’s pretty normal. However, if things have changed by a day and night comparison, it’s probably a sign that one or both of you isn’t feeling it anymore. If you feel like you are constantly annoyed or disappointed in the action’s exercised by him, keep a close eye out for this. Finding yourself thinking about happier days and the days when he acted in a nice and loving manner, could certainly be a sign that it is time to let go of the relationship.
  5. There is no Trust : There are few, if any, things more important in a relationship than trust. If there is a lack of trust in a relationship, it is only a matter of time before it kills the relationship. If you find yourself constantly wondering if he is lying about something, hiding something, or doing something you would not approve of, it will continue to cause problems down the road. If he gives you a reason to be suspicious and question your trust, chances are it is for a good reason. Not having trust in a relationship will cause small and frequent arguments, which are not worth it because trust is hard to earn back, and it will eventually tear the relationship apart. Do yourself a favor and end a relationship when trust is not present, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.


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    Susan says

    Well Heck, I could have used this back in August when he started doing all of these things. I knew something was wrong but he didn’t have the courage to just come out and tell me, but rather pulled the emotional/physical disappearing act. I wish I had recognized it and been strong enough to deal with it as soon as I recognized it instead of waiting 2 months. I knew deep in my gut, and yet I wasn’t ready to able to accept it.

    The only thing that I would add to this is when he does a complete 180 on his thoughts and feelings and used to love you with all his heart and want to marry you and then tries to backpedal and says that he thinks the two of you just dating is the best idea at the time…..hmmm….NO thanks buddy….see ya!

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    Susan it is hard to recognize and pay attention to red flags when we are emotionally invested and it sounds like you were very emotionally invested.

    I don’t think any of us are safe from what you are going through. Having a man do a 180 is a chance we have to take when becoming involved with one. Although you aren’t happy about the situation now I’m betting one day you will look back and realize you dodged a bullet with him.

    It sure would be nice of we could come to such realizations without going through the pain first huh?

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