Are You Suffering From “Post Divorce Stress Syndrome?”

Submitted by: Lee Block

POST-DIVORCE STRESS SYNDROME!!  This is the hardest part of divorce.  Figuring out the “What now?”  After all, you thought you had it all figured out, but then the child support check is always late, your ex doesn’t always take the kids on his or her weekends, and you are always left holding the bag.  You cry, you scream, you rail on the unfairness of being a single divorced parent and having to do it all.  But, isn’t this what you were singing about earlier that month?

What is Post-Divorce Stress Syndrome?  Well, it is a lot like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and you can even compare it to Post-partum stress.  It’s the fall after the elation.  Is this a medical term?  I don’t think so.  It’s my term, and I will be used freely and often.  In fact, I encourage you to use it as well!

The papers have been signed, sealed and stamped by a Judge.  You are officially no longer a Mrs.  Your life seems to be ticking along nicely.  You have figured out this new sense of freedom…and then it happens.

The crash.

Or, post divorce stress syndrome.  You are alone.  You may be alone with kids, which just makes life ten times harder.  You start to worry if you can afford the house you so desperately had to have in the divorce.  The first set of bills comes in, and they are higher than you expected.  You are on call with your kids 24/7.  You have to cook, clean, drive the kids, make the lunches, do the laundry and work.  Your nails are ruined, your make up has run off, your credit cards start to add up, and your hair is stringy and greasy, because you can’t find time to take a shower.

Although Post Divorce Stress Syndrome might not be a real medical term, it is a real side affect of being divorced.  It involves stress, depression, trouble sleeping and lots of crying in the bathroom with the door locked.  How do you overcome it?


There is no quick fix for this.  It could involve counseling.  It could involve lots of bubble baths and me time.  It could involve taking long drives by yourself with your favorite CD playing in the background.  It could involve reading this blog and getting great tips and hints on how to overcome.

However you choose to master this syndrome, be assured it CAN be mastered and life WILL get better.

Are you suffering from Post Divorce Stress Syndrome?  What is the best way for you to deal with those stressful days when you think you just can’t do it anymore as a single person?

BioLee Block, a Post-Divorce Consultant and author of The Post-Divorce Chronicles and founder of The Post-Divorce Dating Club is a divorced mother of two, who is passionate about empowering women in transition to find a new life!


  1. 1

    rebelrose10 says

    This is a great article and you are very right…life does go on! With each passing day, it did get easier especially when I learned, the hard way mind you, that I was the only person that I could depend on. Just remember everyone….”this too shall pass” and pass it does!

    I want to wish everyone, young, old, married, single, divorced a very Happy New Year!!

    Rebel Rose

  2. 2


    Yes, it does pass! Thank goodness. I was a lot like you Rose, it became easier for me once I realized that I was the only person I could depend on 100%. And once I realized my strength and abilities as far as getting done all I had to do on my own.

    The more confident we become in our own strengths the easier life becomes.

  3. 5

    ES says

    I really associate with this, I have been separated for four months now and have crashed down from my high of making the decision to leave. Now every day seems completely epic, I am in tears daily and I can’t seem to find reality. I am needy, anxious, have difficulty sleeping and am short with the kids. All in all messy. This is a gross feeling – I am just pining my hopes that it does get better. To make things more complicated, I think, I have started a new relationship that was meant to be a bit of fun and has ended up being loved up. Lucky me! And I am, but I am now battling all the issues in my head of starting a new relationship…

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