How to Get a Divorce

Do you want a divorce but have no idea where to start? Most think that getting a divorce means finding a divorce attorney, filing a divorce petition and BAM, all done. No-fault divorce laws have made getting a divorce easier but it hasn’t changed the fact that the divorce process can be long and drawn out and your first line of defense is knowing what you are doing before you do anything.

In this article you will find links that will help you not only get a divorce but arm you with knowledge you will need during the divorce process.

Which is Right For You, Divorce or Legal Separation?

Perhaps you are struggling with the idea of divorce but feel the need for time away from the marriage. Click the link above to help you decide whether it is a divorce you need or a legal separation.

How to Prepare For a Divorce

If you have definitely decided to divorce there are steps you will want to take to prepare yourself before you even file for the divorce. The link above leads to an article that helps you prepare yourself for the divorce process before the process begins.

How to Navigate The Legal Process of Divorce

Once you file for a divorce and the process begin, what next? The link above leads to an article that will explain what happens once the divorce is filed. You will learn about everything from temporary court orders to what to expect during the discovery phase of divorce.



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    Megan says

    I wish I had this two years ago…I’ve been going through a near 2-year divorce w/ a Narcissist…it’s been hell. I don’t know if I could’ve even prepared for how much control and manipulation he put the legal team and myself through. I found a lot of info prior to the divorce and the fact that he was hiding $$, etc. He’s loved “the game” of the process also and sadly uses the children for “show.” Of course, they adore him b/c he’s so grandiose about everything and buys, buys, buys them things…I can’t compete with! Money is no object for him and he started his own business prior to the divorce. His first attorney gave him the boot & now his new team is a well-known firm here. Towards the end now and myself and my legal team and family support are all exhausted. I offered for us to get help and he said “no” many times. Although, I’ve been getting my core self and soul back, I grieve the disassembling of the family. I feel badly for the children too. What do you do when the other one just is so powerful, controlling and egotistical? I love this website and have found so many helpful and inspiring articles…thank you all for giving me HOPE :)

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