New Writer On DWO: Agatha Writes About Relationships

We’re happy to introduce Agatha Seymour as a new DWO Expert!

Agatha Seymour is working as a writer, journalist though holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Religion while she is interested in everything that is connected to people, relationships. The writer is currently working on her fourth book and you might meet her as a journalist of several online magazines around Europe. She is writing on the theme of marriage crises and relationship problems.

Her blog can be found at

and her website at

Her kindle format book, entitled Till Life Do Us Part, has recently been published on The book explores the theme of why men leave women, why women become boring for them, why comes a new, even younger woman, with whom the adored love lives through again the same passionate moments. As a practicing wife, she is looking for and finds the answer in her book in a diary-like form.

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