What are the Cheapest Ways to Get a Divorce?

Divorce can prove to be a costly affair if not handled correctly. If your case gets strangled in litigations then then there is no time limit for your case will get resolved. Apart from this, the rising attorney charges can burn a hole in your pocket and throw your finance out of proportion.
There is no point fighting a legal battle which only involves huge attorney bills and truckload of stress. However, with the introduction of several new types of divorce, you can get a divorce done with utter ease and in a very cost effective manner. Divorces like Online do it yourself divorce, uncontested divorce and Do it yourself divorce, can get you a divorce done economically.

Given below are some of the cheapest way to get a divorce:


  1. Uncontested divorce:Uncontested divorce is a type of divorce in which you can get a divorce without the help of a lawyer. In this type of divorce you will need to file the divorce papers in the family court and wait for the court to hear your case. You can either choose to represent your case in the court or you can hire the services of a divorce lawyer to get it done for you.However, the need of a divorce lawyer is very less in an uncontested divorce as there is nothing to contest for in the case. In this kind of divorce you will have to complete the divorce papers and file them in the court. If you are not able to complete the papers, then you can search for the information on the Internet or avail the services of a divorce attorney to get the papers done. Once you have filed the papers, draft a common settlement agreement in accordance with your spouse.Make sure that the settlement agreement caters the best interest of both the spouses or else the court might reject it. If you have any children in the marriage, then you will also need to made a child custody and support agreement. These documents are required after the decision of divorce is given.
  2. Do it yourself divorce:In this type of divorce, you can get the divorce done by yourself. However, you will not need to go to any divorce attorney to get the divorce paper done. There are many websites on the Internet that offer the service of completing the paper work for you at a very nominal charge. All you will need is to provide all your information on the website.After you have provided answers to the required field in the divorce papers, you can take a print of the divorce papers. It will contain all the information that you have filled in the online software.Once this is done you will need to file the divorce papers in the court and wait for the court to hear the case. You then have an option to either choose to represent your case in the courthouse or hire the service of a divorce lawyer to get the divorce done.
  3. Online Do it Yourself divorce: There is not much difference between do it yourself divorce and Online do it yourself divorce. The only significant difference between these 2 divorce is that in online do it yourself divorces all you need to do is provide the information on the online software.However, you can choose not to file the divorce papers by yourself as the divorce papers can be filed on your behalf by an online attorney after paying a nominal fee. Once the divorce papers are filed you can either choose an attorney to represent you in court or you can do it by yourself.

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    Zohaib says

    I want to married divorced women if any interested women who need a partner in life. and i am doing this action for my family.

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    LM says

    I got my divorce under US law in Guam! It was 9 years ago. I did not have to go to Guam. I worked with the atty online and by phone. It cost $1300.00 at the time. My divorce was amicable and uncontested. We went to a mediator in the state we live (in the continental US) to iron out the details that pertained to the kids, then I asked the atty in Guam to include our agreement particulars in the divorce papers. From beginning to end it took 5 weeks. I would have been quicker without the mediator step but we were being careful. (The mediator cost more than the divorce.) The law has changed some–now one party has to spend a week in Guam to make this work. This is not a advertisement, btw. Just to let people know about a little-known option.

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    Zeal for to get legal divorce! Our divorce clients have access to our cell phones and can call us with any question or concern related to their divorce case any time or day of the week.

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