Aurogra 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate

Product Name: Aurogra 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate
Product Type: Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor
Men’s Health: Impotence and ED

Free Yourself from ED Problems with Aurogra

Product Description and Benefits of Aurogra

Aurogra 100 mg_Restore My Sexual LifeSex is an integrated part of every relationship. Nowadays, due to the fast tempo of life together with rather bad habits has resulted in the appearance of one of the sensitive problems known as erectile dysfunction. This disorder is observed in 1/10 population of males. Nowadays, there was conducted several trials to find out that the number of men suffering erectile dysfunction in males is enormous. This disorder is caused by various physical and psychological issues including depression, alcohol addiction, smoking, overweight, unhealthy eating, stress caused by mental dysfunctions, incorrect lifestyles etc. But still, the main cause is the blockade of blood flow to the penis.

Some drugs are accessible in the conventional drugstores but their price is too high. This is the reason why people cannot afford to buy them. Nowadays, there is an alternative solution for erectile dysfunction treatment. No one has to endure physical and mental stress which is provoked due to erectile dysfunction. This sexual dysfunction can be easily cured by a potent medication known as Aurogra produced by Aurochem Pharmaceuticals Laboratories. This company does not have any common with advertising or promotions that’s why the price for Aurogra is lower if compared with its counterpart – Viagra. The cost is low, the quality is meeting the standards of the Food and Drug Administration.

Aurogra relates to a generic of Sildenafil Citrate Tablets which is applied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It increases the blood flow to the penis that contributes to a sufficient erection. This medication is effective in the case of sexual stimulation only. Aurogra 100 mg is prescribed to men aged 18 – 55. If you want to take this drug it is recommended to visit a doctor. The main component of this medication is Sildenafil Citrate used in a various number of brand-name ED medications like Brand Viagra or Kamagra. This drug is very popular among men living worldwide. You can buy Aurogra Online in our online pharmacy at a competitive price. This ED drug is the best preparation that performs its function by relaxing the muscles stimulating an erection.

Watch the video about Aurogra and its effectiveness in ED treatment:

Mechanism of Action

Erectile dysfunction is caused by an insufficient blood supply of the penis. For eliminating this problem you need to take Aurogra pill. The main ingredient of this medication is Generic Sildenafil Citrate that fast binds with the plasma releasing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide starts suppressing the PDE 5 enzyme which is answerable for limiting blood flow to the penis. It also stimulates cGMP answerable for blood circulation which results in an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.

The stimulation of blood flow to the penis contributes to the arteries and blood vessels widening. The muscles relax and the penis fills with the blood provoking an erection. An improved blood flow contributes to erection appearance. This medication provides a long-lasting erection. The main aspect of erection appearance is the presence of sexual stimulation.

Recommended Dosage of this Medication

Get acquainted with Aurogra 100 mg tablets sildenafil dosage:

  • the recommended dose is Aurogra 100 mg (after the doctor’s examination);
  • wash down this pill with water so that it absorbs in your blood fast having an effect on your body;
  • take this medication on an empty stomach excluding heavy meals, alcohol, grapefruit and juice from it;
  • the recommended daily dose should be taken once within 24 hours.


Keep Aurogra 100 mg out of heat, sunlight and moisture in a dry place. Children should have no access to the medication.


There are some precautions that should be considered about Aurogra 100 mg:

  • incompatibility of Aurogra with organic nitrates included in medication for cardiac health;
  • Men over 18 years old can take Aurogra 100 mg after the medical screening only;
  • When you decide to buy Aurogra online it is necessary to be sure this medication is the right for you;
  • hepatic or renal dysfunctions are the reason to visit a doctor for dosage adjustment.

Possible Side Effects

Read some possible sildenafil side effects that can occur:

  • sildenafil side effects are drowsiness, mild headache, abdominal pain and nasal congestion etc.
  • there are severe side effects like swelling of extremities, painful erection for 6 hours (priapism);

It is necessary to contact a doctor if you have observed some of these side effects.

Some Health Warnings

If you buy Aurogra online it is necessary to read some facts:

  • this ED medication is prescribed only to men having a diagnosis – erectile dysfunction;
  • allergy to generic sildenafil citrate is a contraindication to the therapy with this drug;
  • undergo the medical examination before starting the course of treatment with Aurogra 100 mg.