Sex can Make or Break a Committed Relationship

It’s said that either money or sex are at the root of most of the problems that lead couples to divorce. It’s comforting to believe that true love conquers all, but whether true love is in the mix or not, sexual incompatibility can unfortunately cause insurmountable problems in a relationship. It’s easy to be mistaken about the […]

How to Move on From Divorce


Along with bereavement and redundancy, experts suggest that divorce is one of the most stressful and challenging life experiences that anyone can go through. Even if you were the one who initiated or wanted the divorce, the trauma and heart ache surrounding the breakdown of a marriage can still leave you feeling emotionally battered and bruised to […]

Write For DWO!

Want to Write For Divorced Women Online?   Are you a divorced woman? Every divorced woman’s story is unique. She navigates the divorce process and learns lessons while rebuilding her life in her own way. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you. You don’t have to be a professional […]

Post Divorce Dating: First Date Realities


Submitted by: Lee Block What to wear?  What to say?  How to act?  Desperation and nerves sink in.  You haven’t had a date in 15 years, are you crazy?  No, you are divorced! This seemed like such a good idea when the papers were finalized.  The excitement of someone new and unfamiliar, getting spruced up […]

Condoms: Healthy Sexual Behavior in Women Over 40


Submitted by: Big Little Wolf Are you single? Sexually active? Do you assume your partner or partners are healthy? Bad call. Disease isn’t personal. It isn’t judgmental. It doesn’t know if you attend church, if you brush your teeth and floss. If you’ve only had two sexual partners in a lifetime, or 302. What about […]