Hot For A Cougar? How to Impress a Cougar Once You Catch Her


Submitted by: Big Little Wolf Hot for a Cougar who may have a few years on you? Eight? Ten? More? As a woman of a certain age who has been approached by younger men, and yes – involved with a few,  might I suggest the following tips? Don’t refer to her as any sort of […]

First Ever “Cougar Cruise” Not As Salacious As Marketed to Be

divorce cougar cruise

Submitted by Delaine Last weekend, Carnival’s cruise ship, Elation, hit the mighty seas for what was branded as the first ever, “Cougar Cruise.”  Parting from San Diego, California and porting in Ensenada, Mexico, this three day adventure was marketed as a ”sexually charged’  trip of dancing, eating and partying for older women and younger men.  According to the […]

Feeling Grouchy, Bitchy and Dopey?


For many women, the cessation of the monthly flow is often not enough to tell for sure whether they’ve reached that “time of life” or not. That’s why I, using the knowledge I’ve gained from obtaining my DFR (Doctorate in Failed Relationships), have provided you with this scientific checklist. You will know you are in […]

Is It Time To Free YOUR Cougar?

uncage the cougar divorced

Submitted by Delaine Back when I first got separated and started online dating, I was insulted if any younger man called me a COUGAR.  In my mind, ‘cougar’ meant older woman in leopard-skin leotards, teased hair and fake nails that wouldn’t quit.  I might be in my late thirties, but excuse me, I wasn’t desperate, skanky, OR a tacky […]

Dating Younger Men – Would You? Could You? Dare Ya!

younger man older woman divorce

Submitted by Delaine When I first started dating after divorce, I felt like I’d arrived on another planet.  Not just cause I had no idea how to date again, but because it quickly became apparent that a new ‘phenomena’ had come to town since I’d last visited:  Young Men Seeking Older Women.  And oh yeah –  […]

Would YOU Go Out To A Bar Alone?

divorced woman alone bar

Submitted by Delaine  This past Friday night, I found myself wanting to get dressed up and go out, but all of my girlfriends were busy.  I was frustrated; I didn’t want to spend my limited time off without kids watching a movie at home.  But what was the alternative?  Go to a bar lounge by […]