Round 3 of contemplating Divorce – Torn up inside!!

In the community Leanne left the following comment – please read and offer her your advice: Long story short: Married 6 together 10, 2 little girls (1 teen son from previous relationship), we are both in our early 30’s. Things, upon reflecting back over the years, were never really that great between us. My husband […]

Assistance For Low Income Single Moms


So, what do you do if you lose your job or your ex loses his job and receives a downward modification in child support? Single moms have many challenges. In todays economic climate it isn’t unusual for a single mom to be faced with financial difficulties. There are services set up for just such situations. […]

Surviving Low Income Hell as A Divorced Single Mom

divorced mom no money

Submitted by Delaine So I’ve finally reached the point where I’m not totally embarrassed of the fact that I’ve been living in Low-Income Hell since March; that’s when my ex-husband lost his job and my child AND spousal support went up in smoke – overnight. It’s been hard.  REALLY hard.  I’ve laid awake many a night stressing […]