Dealing With Infidelity and Getting Divorce When Pregnant

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“Till death do us apart” has become a vow that feels almost archaic in this time and era. Sure we would all love to have our fairytale wedding and forever marriage. Many of us manage to have it and many of us don’t. But does that make us any less of a princess or should […]

3 Questions to Ask About Your Child’s Education Before Divorce

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As a parent, you may have experienced the effects of recent public education cuts. As school districts try to “do more with less”, they seek ways to reduce expenditures. For Lancaster County resident, Timothy Watts, these cuts meant a serious problem for his son. Manheim Township School District had previously provided transportation to eligible students […]

The Focus is on ME now


Katie Perry’s, Wide Awake, is on the radio right now. . “If I knew then what I know now.. It’s been almost four years and lyrics like that still haunt me. In a different way though. Every 4th of July, the day he told me he wanted a divorce, is difficult. Yeah, there were fireworks […]

Why Do Women Ask For a Divorce?

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Two thirds of divorces and the majority of separations in the States are initiated by women. This fact came to light after American Association of Retired People conducted a study of more than 1000 divorced women and men between 40 and 79 years old. Among the many reasons given for wanting a divorce, most women […]

Ten Practical Tips to get you through a Divorce

Facing up to the reality that your marriage is no longer working is tough enough. When you are ready to come to terms with the fact that the only way to make you happy again is to seek a divorce there are so many things to think about such as splitting property and belongings, arranging […]

Redeem The World Until Your Heart Hurts!

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If one is single or divorced, there is nothing else that she can think of but how to alter this situation. In the morning when she wakes up in her bed her first thought is that there is no one next to her. Then that she has to drink her morning coffee alone, then that […]

Divorcing the Negative

Divorcing the Negative

Children suffer when their parents engage in aggressive legal battles or when a parent tries to turn the children against their mother or father. When one parent behaves in a hurtful way, the other parent naturally seeks to retaliate. Then the first parent responds with additional abuse and the other parent feels the need to […]

Helping a Friend Through a Divorce With Flowers

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Divorce can potentially be a very messy process and is always an emotionally draining thing for anybody to have to go through. Nobody finds it in the slightest bit easy. When somebody is contemplating or actually going through a divorce, a friend is often just the thing they need. So, if you’re a friend of […]

It’s Passing Away Now…


I know that after a break-up or a divorce the heart can hurt to such a degree that that is unbearable! You don’t know what is up and what is down, you are just standing there blankly and staring after the departing partner… Then the unfamiliar, strange single hours, days and weeks come. At first […]