Dealing With Infidelity and Getting Divorce When Pregnant

Pregnant Woman

“Till death do us apart” has become a vow that feels almost archaic in this time and era. Sure we would all love to have our fairytale wedding and forever marriage. Many of us manage to have it and many of us don’t. But does that make us any less of a princess or should [...]

3 Questions to Ask About Your Child’s Education Before Divorce

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As a parent, you may have experienced the effects of recent public education cuts. As school districts try to “do more with less”, they seek ways to reduce expenditures. For Lancaster County resident, Timothy Watts, these cuts meant a serious problem for his son. Manheim Township School District had previously provided transportation to eligible students [...]

Planning Your Divorce – One Year In Advance

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You have made the decision to go ahead and get a divorce.  You’ve gone through all of the preliminary mental gymnastics – – – considered the possibility of reconciliation, counseling, etc.  You have come to the final conclusion that there is no hope and you are going to proceed with a divorce.  However, you have [...]

How to Move on From Divorce


Along with bereavement and redundancy, experts suggest that divorce is one of the most stressful and challenging life experiences that anyone can go through. Even if you were the one who initiated or wanted the divorce, the trauma and heart ache surrounding the breakdown of a marriage can still leave you feeling emotionally battered and bruised to [...]

After the Last Drop of Champagne

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We met in college- it alternately seems like ages or seconds ago. He, a wisecracking foreign student, and me, a naïve and hopeful girl. Romance commenced- no details to share. It was standard in the way it unfolded and is not the subject of discussion here. Suffice it to say, he eventually proposed and I [...]

What are the Cheapest Ways to Get a Divorce?


Divorce can prove to be a costly affair if not handled correctly. If your case gets strangled in litigations then then there is no time limit for your case will get resolved. Apart from this, the rising attorney charges can burn a hole in your pocket and throw your finance out of proportion. There is no point [...]

Child Custody Agreements: Advice from a Mom Who Learned Her Lesson

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After weeks of receiving the silent treatment from my husband, I cornered him and forced him to talk to me. He then told me that he “didn’t want to be with me anymore” and he asked me to leave. I was devastated. Two days later, I took our nine-month-old daughter and our three-year-old son and [...]

10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Marriage


At 25, I thought I had everything I ever wanted – a new promotion, a wonderful family, a husband I adored, and a beautiful home. It was only a few short months later that I was forced to face the harsh reality that all of those things were a just mirage. The truth is — I didn’t [...]