Child Custody Agreements: Advice from a Mom Who Learned Her Lesson

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After weeks of receiving the silent treatment from my husband, I cornered him and forced him to talk to me. He then told me that he “didn’t want to be with me anymore” and he asked me to leave. I was devastated. Two days later, I took our nine-month-old daughter and our three-year-old son and […]

How To Help Children Cope With Divorce

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What is going through a child’s mind during a divorce? People do not get divorced without serious and compelling reasons. Besides all the emotions, the effects are also economic, social and psychological. It affects the divorcing couple profoundly, but it is often devastating for children. Their first reaction: grief and guilt During all the emotional upheaval leading […]

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Want to Write For Divorced Women Online?   Are you a divorced woman? Every divorced woman’s story is unique. She navigates the divorce process and learns lessons while rebuilding her life in her own way. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you. You don’t have to be a professional […]

And God Created The Singles!

A Single woman is created in the simplest possible way, in extreme cases she has never had a relationship, in more usual cases she broke up with her boyfriend or in the worst possible situation (though it may lead the most fortunate outcome, however it cannot be seen yet): he left her. Whatever the reason […]

New Writer On DWO: Agatha Writes About Relationships


We’re happy to introduce Agatha Seymour as a new DWO Expert! Agatha Seymour is working as a writer, journalist though holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Religion while she is interested in everything that is connected to people, relationships. The writer is currently working on her fourth book and you might meet her as a journalist of […]

Round 3 of contemplating Divorce – Torn up inside!!

In the community Leanne left the following comment – please read and offer her your advice: Long story short: Married 6 together 10, 2 little girls (1 teen son from previous relationship), we are both in our early 30’s. Things, upon reflecting back over the years, were never really that great between us. My husband […]

Compulsory Marriage Counseling Before Allowing To Divorce?


Earlier this year, Nebraska State Senator Tony Fulton (R) introduced a bill that would give judges the option to send married couples with minor children to marriage counseling before granting a divorce and require marriage counseling in divorce actions where no minor children are involved and where one spouse believes the marriage should be saved. […]

Wrestling with Words


One of the most unexpected things about being divorced is how clumsy my tongue has become. I find certain words or phrases trip me up; words like “ex” or “divorced.” A friend of mine says he keeps stumbling over pronouns; struggling with me instead of we and mine instead of ours. At one time, my […]